We will be using the book title “Core 52” as a staring point for our lessons. This book highlights 52 verses that every Christian should know. We will only cover 17 of the 52 this year. We will follow our traditional format of a leader overview and introduction followed by table group discussions. Having a copy of the book is not required but it may enhance your study. Additional notes for each lesson may be provided here. If you want to add these lessons to your calendar, view this page.

Lesson/Date Lesson Title Leader
Sep 14 In the Big Inning Paul Konstanski
Sep 28 Discipleship DG Elmore
Oct 12 Blessedness Dave Ebeling
Oct 26 Genesis 1:26 Denny Smith
Nov 9 TBD Luke Uhl
Nov 23 Matthew  5:11-12 Joshua Holden
Dec 14 Ephesians 2:8 J.C. Hulls
Jan 11 Revelations 21:1-3 Jeffrey Mahrt
Jan 25 TBD Sean Chambers
Feb 8 TBD  
Feb 22 Matt 16:24-25 Rick Thatcher
Mar 8 TBD  
Mar 22 TBD  
Apr 12 TBD  
Apr 26 TBD  
May 10 TBD  
May 24 TBD  

Lesson titles that appear as links can be clicked to view the content.

*On Site This is a prepared lesson that will be coordinated by the on-site attendees. No formal leader is designated.

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