New Parking Lot Entrances For Solution Tree

The City has closed 10th Street all the way from Morton to Rogers (they are working on the Trades District construction). This closure will likely until the end of 2018 and possibly into next spring. The closure prevents us from using our current entrances to both our north and south lots, but here are the new entrances that we are now using. Below are details and a picture to illustrate them.

For folks who park in the south lot (Most of the God@Work and/or Men’s Life attendees), the Morton Street entrance will become the permanent entrance. The 10th street entrance will be closed off permanently. This entrance is just south of the building. You will drive right along the south wall.

For north lot folks, temporary entry to the parking lot will be to/from Morton Street through the admin building lot (the lot we’ve used for overflow parking) and across the alley.

Effective immediately