To the Core of My Being – Lesson 4 Wrap

Indiana Jones and that fantastic fedora of adventure! We talked about the many different hats we wear as men – the hats of husband, son, father, boss, employee, etc. We also wear the hat of accomplishment. We often mistake busyness and accomplishments for quality in our many roles.

It is important to define those beliefs that to the core of our being, we will spring into action. We have amazing opportunities to witness the message of the love and grace of Jesus Christ in our lives throughout the day. What an impact we can have!

This week, we studied King Darius’s actions as Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den. The Scriptures in Daniel 6:12-20, talked about Kind Darius “laboring until the sun went down,” “setting his mind” to helping Daniel. He was “distressed,” “fasted,” allowed “no diversions,’ and “sleep fled from” Darius while Daniel was in with the lions. In the morning, he “went in haste” to see if Daniel’s God could save him. King Darius clearly thought a lot of Daniel, that to the core of his being, he was not able to sit idly by and wish things were different than they were. Darius sprang into action, to the point of not sleeping, to fast for Daniel.

When was the last time you sprang into action over something for your wife, child, or Christian brother? Did you pray and fast to the point that sleep fled from you? We have the opportunity, day-to-day, moment-by-moment, to impact those people that we come in contact with in big ways. Oftentimes, we minimize our potential impact in our flurry of busyness. It is time, my brothers, that we determine what beliefs we hold to the core of our beings. I feel we need to intentionally pray about and define these beliefs for our different roles that, to the core of our being, for which we will stand up and fight.

Can you imagine the benefits of defining your “to the core of my being” beliefs? Co-workers will see that you are a man of integrity, employees will see that you a leader worth following, your children will see that they are important to you and how a Christian should respond to the troubles in this world, and you wife will see that she is loved and treasured! By the way, we will get over ourselves and focus on the hearts of others and our wonderful God, our Creator, who is faithful!

Rise up, brothers, define and live according to your core of your being beliefs! We need to assign “Lion’s Den Status” to more events in our lives, seek God, and fight for others!