Feed the Dream – Lesson 16 Wrap

“Dream” is a word that brings a real mix of emotions.

To some, your excitement builds as images of what can be pop into mind. Your dream could be growth in your business because of a new idea or taking the vacation you always wanted.

For others, it brings fear because of the potential for failure. A bad experience can bring this fear or maybe you know too much about what could go wrong.

The Bible is filled with dreamers. Think of Joseph and his colorful dreams. Or Esther who took a step of faith to help deliver the Jews. I used the story of Hannah and the birth of Samuel partly because it was short and fit our Men’s Life framework but also because it is so powerful.  It ties beautifully into our theme of “Feed the Dream” because she held her dream in her arms and gave it nourishment. She literally “fed” the dream.

When you continue with the story of Samuel and follow Hannah’s role, you see that having the dream was not enough. It took work on her part.. and trust… and sacrifice – eventually she even gave the dream to someone else. Having the dream is not enough if you are not willing to feed it.

In both the morning and noon sessions, it was great to be able to see how many “dreamers” we have in Men’s Life. But there also is a strong dose of the reality of how our dreams must be centered on the Lord. We all agreed that we must spent time in God’s word to understand which dreams are the important ones to pursue. We need to slow down enough in our dreaming to hear God’s voice and see His perspective. But then be ready to act when God says “go.”

God is getting ready to do something in your dream. Take the time to properly feed it by spending time in His word. And then pour yourself into it as Hannah did with her dream.